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Volunteering is important because of its impacts on the lives of the volunteer and the less fortunate. Everyone needs to be willing to offer their time and expect nothing back. People should volunteer because of the many benefits it provides them.


Volunteering enables someone to learn new things. It helps a person learn new skills and broaden the skills for their career and personal growth. The experience makes you learn new practical, social and communication skills that aid you to thrive in life. It is also an essential method of service learning in developing the corporate leaders of tomorrow.


Volunteering helps in raising awareness of the organization and its cause. These occur when volunteers talk to other people about their experiences and lessons learned while volunteering. Additionally, volunteering helps teach tolerance and understanding which enables a person to become aware of the people’s different conditions.


Volunteering offers the opportunity of traveling to different places and seeing the world. These enable someone to learn about the other side of the world and experience different cultures while also helping others.


Having volunteer experience may help you when going through a career change. It strengthens your resume and demonstrates a commitment to a given cause. It provides valuable professional expertise, which enables you to tackle real-world circumstances.


Taking part in volunteering improves physical and mental health by decreasing anxiety and depression. Many volunteering opportunities also involve physical activity through the means of physical labor, such as building a house. Volunteering outside also exposes you to the sunlight, letting you soak in some Vitamin D. Additionally, helping others creates lasting happiness in your life.


Volunteering lets individuals reap the benefits of community and help to build their community. It helps cultivate friendships and minimizes loneliness and isolation. Volunteers spend a lot of time with each other and often have similar interests, which enables you to make new friends. You can also encourage family and friends to get involved, which lets you spend more time with people you care about.

Lastly, volunteering enriches a person’s life. It provides new life experiences and builds an understanding of social and developmental issues. Helping others enables you to learn how non-government and community organizations works. It also boosts your self-confidence allowing you to get out of their comfort zone and help tackle the world’s problems.