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Get involved with your community if you want to get into the holiday spirit. There’s a reason it’s called the season of giving. Take a break from the Christmas gatherings to be philanthropic.

Help With Food Supplies

Speak with your neighborhood food bank to get advice and learn about their needs. Most food banks accept nutritious, non-perishable foods, but you should first verify with the food bank about drop-off details, hours, and required products. Host an event either virtually or in person. Raise money for your neighborhood pantry or food bank to purchase things they need. Another option is to volunteer at your neighborhood food bank. Donating time is just as valuable as money. Meal programs provide cheap, prepared meals to the needy. Spend some time this season preparing food, serving it, or clearing it up at a nearby meal program. 

Make a Child Happy

Since 1980, Make-a-Wish has been granting life-enhancing wishes to children with serious diseases. Writing letters to Santa is a simple way to help out and fill wish lists for kids. Volunteer to read to your child’s class. 

There are several read-aloud programs offered by public libraries where volunteers spend time reading to youngsters. 

Race for Charity

A holiday race is a great chance to give back to the community, whether you’re enthusiastic about a particular charity organization, keen to be active, or want to burn off those extra helpings from Thanksgiving dinner. Many of these races serve to support local charities or charitable causes by raising money. Find a race that benefits a cause you care about by doing some research. Entry fees are often charged, and the money collected is donated to the selected cause. When you know you are assisting others, the runner’s high is much higher. 

Help Animals

It’s rewarding to contribute to the welfare of animals. Numerous animal shelters depend on volunteers who give their time to care for their beloved pets. Consider donating pet supplies rather than your time if your holiday schedule is too crowded. You should check with your local shelter in advance, but many take treats, toys, gently used pet beds and blankets, wet/dry food for dogs and cats, cleaning supplies, and more. 

If you can, adopt to give a furry buddy a lifelong home. Make sure you have the means (financial and otherwise) necessary to care for an animal and that you are prepared to handle the obligations that come with pet ownership.