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In a time of a consistent train of information, concentration can be incredibly difficult. In the workplace, interruptions occur every 11 minutes. Shockingly, at colleges and universities, some sort of disruption happens every three minutes. Whether notifications, intrusive thoughts, or outside stimuli, we are consistently reaching for clarity. By placing a few simple practices in place, you can step into a lifestyle of concentration.

Get Outside

Get regular green time built into your schedule. Spend some time outside, experience fresh air, and get a good amount of oxygen. Research suggests that spending time outdoors is healthy for brain development.

Close Your Eyes

Have you ever seen someone close their eyes when they’re trying to remember a memory? Or observe how people close their eyes during prayer and meditation? It’s very eye opening into how our brains function. When you close your eyes while trying to remember something, it allows your mind to apply more focus to what you’re focusing on. With our eyes are open, our brain is constantly filtering visual stimuli. Think of it like closing an application running in the background of your phone or computer. When you close out an application that is using a lot of power, your system runs smoother. The same applies to our brains. 

Exercise Your Mind

Brain exercises are a great way to create a practice of focus. Exercising your brain focuses more on improving the way your brain functions, rather than necessarily teaching your brain an entirely new skill. Think of your brain as a muscle you are working. Try looking up brain exercises, memory games, or recall activities to build up the power of your mind. 

Concentration can be difficult for a large portion of the population. Start slowly by putting simple activities into your routine. Concentration can be incredibly difficult, but a worthwile skill to hone.