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Millennials are the most recent generation to graduate college and break into the working world, finally earning steady paychecks and influencing consumer spending. While the generation is quick to be judged and has been branded with some negative labels, there is one area in which they excel – community involvement. Millennials are trending to become the most philanthropic generation to date, with more involvement in community programs and non profit ventures than their wealthier predecessors, and here is why. 


The millennial generation is evolved around influence. They are easily influenced, and they are influencers themselves. In a prime digital age, social media is run by millennials and centered around the idea of influencing others on each platform. Social media platforms provide users with the capabilities to choose how they want to be perceived online, and most choose to stick with the trend. Recently, community involvement has become a popular trend among this generation. Millennials have recognized their impact on their community and believe in the idea of being a force of change. Sharing their involvement on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is encouraging their followers to do the same. 


Most businesses are changing their work culture to include community engagement and volunteer incentives. A number of companies will reward employees with extra benefits like vacation days if they complete a specific number of volunteer hours in their community. On another level, there are companies that will close the office down for a portion or entirety of the day and organize a volunteer event that all employees will partake in together. Companies are aware that millennials are the next generation of employees and that community involvement attracts younger workers. Most companies will display their community involvement and volunteer incentives to recruit millennial workers. Furthermore, working for a company that is actively involved in charitable activities tends to increase employee satisfaction with the company, leading to them to enjoy their jobs more. Employees who enjoy their jobs are more productive in their work. 


Millennials have grown up in a society where volunteering is not only more publicly acknowledged, but where community outreach programs have become plentiful. With altruistic rewards and work perks, the generation is more inclined than ever to continue to develop their philanthropic footprint on society and lead the way for future generations to do the same.