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If you’re looking to meet more members of your community or find a group of people who share a common interest, starting a local group is a great way to fulfill those needs. Here are four things to know to get started creating a group in your community.


Pick a subject you’re passionate about

If you want your group to succeed, it’s essential to start with a topic you’re passionate about. It can be birdwatching, reading, antiquing, gardening or anything that you enjoy and want to do with others. If it’s something you love doing, that love will radiate to the other members of the group and help them to feel excited about the activity as well.


Pick your niche carefully

While you may have a passion for some activities, you could be competing against other already established groups, which will make it harder for you to find members. Look into what groups already exist in your community, and try to steer away from starting groups with the same focus. If there are already three book clubs in your area, don’t try to start a fourth. Choose a topic that’s underrepresented to ensure there’s more interest in your group.


Meet regularly at the same place and time

Humans, by nature, are creatures of habit and most people like having a routine. To ensure your group becomes part of someone’s routine, choose a specific place and time to meet and stick to it. Of course, there sometimes will be conflicts and people will be unable to attend, but when a meeting has a set date and time, it’s easy to make it part of your schedule. Find what plan works for you and your group, whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and keep to those times.


Make sure there is a social aspect

Part of the joy of joining a group is the chance to talk to others who share your passion. If your group doesn’t have a social element involved, people will be less likely to join your group. If you start a movie group, and your group only meets to watch the movie and then leave, you’re missing out on the reason for having a group to see movies with: the after-movie discussion. Incorporate a social aspect into your meetup, such as movie and dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant. This gives you the opportunity to connect with others and bond over your shared interest, which is the point of joining a meetup group in the first place.