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The holidays are a celebratory season that’s usually spent with family. Traditionally, the holidays are a time to give and receive gifts from loved ones. However, holiday festivities can also be about giving to those less fortunate. Unfortunately, there are millions of people living without bare necessities like food, water, shelter, and clothing. Giving these resources is greatly appreciated by those who are in need. 


One can challenge themselves to be selfless this holiday season by giving their time, energy, or resources and involving themselves in some of the following charitable activities in their community.


Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Shelter

Providing and serving warm meals to the homeless population of your community can be done at local soup kitchens. Shelters tend to fall short of volunteers during the holidays, so anyone interested in helping can dedicate their time to the kitchen. 


Visit a Nursing Home

Residents of nursing homes can be discharged and taken home with their families during the holidays for quality time with their loved ones. However, not all elders have that opportunity. This can be a bit saddening especially as the holiday season can bring with it seasonal blues. A person can visit a nursing home and offer their company to those who could benefit. Holiday activities and entertainment can also be coordinated for residents as well.


Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

Becoming involved in a non-profit organization is not necessary to give back during the holiday season. One can do spontaneous acts of kindness such as paying for the meal of the person who may be behind them in line, or a person can give back by donating clothing that they don’t wear anymore.


Care Packages for the Homeless

A fun project to do during the holidays is creating care packages for the less fortunate. A care package is like a gift bag full of essentials like snacks, toiletries, clothes, and other useful items. A care package may even contain school supplies such as a backpack full of pencils, notebooks, and binders for children who can’t afford these supplies. Care packages come in handy as they contain things everyone uses and needs. There are usually organizations in communities that will sponsor families or children who need items during this time of the year. Getting in touch with these organizations will ensure that your items are delivered to those who need it most.