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Community relationships are an essential part of our social lives. A community relationship becomes a safety net for those who live far away from their friends and family and allows us to become close with neighbors, friends, associates and other community members. When we form relationships within our communities, we learn to increase understanding, mutual respect and our fear of things decreases.


Remember, not everyone can put forth the same amount of time when it comes to building relationships and community. Be sure to identify what works best for you and then allocate your time and skills accordingly. The following tips will allow you to find ways to build great relationships with members of your local community.


Neighborhood involvement

Get involved. Anyone in a local neighborhood has the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of activities. Not only is it a way to get to know the people in your area, but it’s also a way to get involved with what’s going on in your community.  This can be as simple as building a community garden or being a member of the planning committee for the neighborhood yard sale. You can even get your children involved in things going on around the neighborhood to help them to start building friendships and communities.


Find a cause and volunteer

Volunteering is the perfect way to get your entire family involved in a cause that means a lot to you. There are volunteer opportunities within your neighborhood, but you can also volunteer at hospitals, clinics, community centers or nature centers. Reaching out to your community in this way allows you to become an integral part but also gain a sense of personal fulfillment.


Business Outreach

Local businesses play a significant role in helping build a community. Not only do they help build communities through the people they hire and the additional businesses they work with, but they can also build successful communities through one-day-events. These types of events can be held for a specific cause or organization or can be something that is community-wide. This is a way to get the staff involved with people they might not interact with on a regular basis.


Make it a regular thing

Setting aside a few extra hours a week or even a whole day that you can devote to doing things with your community can go a long way. Not only does this let you become an active member, but it also allows other members to see that you are committed to being involved and are a reliable person.