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The worst of the pandemic is over, and we are no longer in complete lockdown. Regardless of where you are, it is now safe to plan and host community activities again. However, please ensure that everyone follows your state’s current mandates.

Here are some practical ideas to start with:

-Invite your local youth between the ages of 11 and 18 to get together to discuss some ideas with which they can identify. The good majority are into sports, dancing, drama, pool parties, videogames, and climate change solutions. Also, invite parents, babysitters, and your local youth care workers to come up with ideas for those who are elementary-aged and younger.

-If your community is diverse, you could suggest hosting an ethnic festival or display in a park or a community center for a day, a weekend, or a month.

-You can encourage those who have been in jagged situations in the past, such as in prison, homeless, caught up in an addiction, crime/abuse survivors, cancer survivors, etc., to speak out by hosting an empathy tour. This can be beneficial to children as well.

-If your area has people with mixed incomes, host a meeting to let them speak out about what’s working and what they’re struggling with. It could encourage more understanding, break stereotypes, and your community can make more informed decisions about where to spend your local budget.

-If your area has a populous high school and a population of at least 2,000, chances are, you probably have at least one garage band in your area. If so, you could invite them to play at least one of their songs for a local show or a festival.

-Anything money management-related will probably be very much appreciated. For example, you could have your banks and other financial institutions get together to plan for a class for a day, a week, or even a whole month. It would be practical to host it at a community center, local library, or a park if the weather is predicted to permit.

-Pop-up businesses are very popular these days. The rent is usually relatively cheap as the business is generally in the area for a month or two at the most. It can also be a way to test what does and doesn’t sell well in your area.