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Consumers expect more out of the companies they do business with today than ever. Customers want to feel that they’re helping to make the world a better place. Supporting a business that gives back is one way they can do that.

Companies that have community involvement programs have happier employees and more loyal customers. 88 percent of consumers feel a duty to purchase products they feel are environmentally and socially responsible.

The most important cause to consumers is economic development, with 38 percent saying it’s the one issue they want companies to address. Other issues consumers care about is the environment, poverty and hunger, and human rights.

When developing a giving plan for your organization, there are three important factors to consider: your community, the strengths of your organization, and letting others know of your involvement.


Look to your community

If you want to get your business involved in a corporate social responsibility program, first look to your own backyard. Your involvement will have more impact if you’re giving back to your own community. Form relationships with your customers and find out what causes are important to them and where the need in your community is. While all causes are worthy, supporting the ones that mean the most to your customers and your community will have the most benefits for your business.


Cater to your strengths

Try finding a way to give back that also falls in line with your business. If you’re a restaurant owner, cater an animal shelter’s open adoption event. If you run an accounting firm, help nonprofit organizations do their taxes. Evaluate the strengths of your employees and find a way to incorporate those into your volunteer plan. Not every organization needs to give back in the same way. Find what works best for you.


Spread the good news

Let your customers know how you’re giving back. Add a “Giving Back” or otherwise titled page to your website and share how your organization is helping the community. Use your social media accounts to share pictures of your employees at their latest volunteer events. Consumers want to see the impact you’re making on those around you.