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Getting involved with a nonprofit is very easy, as there are many opportunities available in your area. However, finding the right volunteer opportunity that fits your interests and needs is still the most challenging part. There are several websites that you can use to search for and contact various local organizations.


Through DonorsChoose, you can help provide school supplies to teachers in need in high-need communities. You can browse projects and make donations of any size to help the teacher. After a project has been approved, the organization purchases the necessary materials and delivers them to the teacher.

Volunteer Match

You can easily find volunteer opportunities through, which is very simple to use. You can type in a keyword and get a list of all the activities that are available in your area. For instance, if you want to find a nonprofit that provides computer training to 4th to 8th-grade students, narrow your search by technology opportunities. After clicking on the “technology” button, you can send a message to the volunteer coordinator and let them know that you are interested in the program.

If you want to make the world a better place through volunteering, then check out This website has a list of various projects that need help. You can sign up for various programs run by various federal agencies such as the National Park Service and the US Geological Survey. The projects range in size and scope, and they offer unique opportunities.

Another great website for volunteering is, as it allows users to drill down on the various types of volunteer opportunities that they are looking for. After clicking on a city in the search box, you can see all the events that were happening in your area. In addition to volunteering, this website also allows people to search for internships and job opportunities in their local communities. is a website that was created by Points of Light, a nonprofit organization that was inspired by President George Bush’s Daily Point of Light Award. It allows users to search for volunteer opportunities by location and see the results of programs such as United Way, AARP, and others.

Although this article doesn’t cover every website that can help you find volunteer opportunities, it will give you some idea as to where to start your search for volunteer opportunities near you.